5 Best Gyms for Travelers in USA 2023

5 Best Gyms for Travelers in USA 2023

5 Best Gyms for Travelers in USA 2023

Are you traveling in the US or its neighboring countries and want a travel gym membership in 2023? and searching Best gym membership near me? or Anytime fitness membership cost? or the Best gym for business travelers? or Best gym for travelers? or Find the best club in USA?

If you are confused about getting a membership to a gym in this locality that is convenient for you and your fitness goals, We are sharing here the 5 Best Gyms for Travelers in USA 2023.

There are numerous gym chains in the US, but the amenities, cost, and locations of a chain should be considered before choosing it. There are so many factors covered below that can help you to choose the 5 best gyms for travelers in the USA in 2023.

5 Best Gyms for Travelers in USA 2023

Here is the list of 5 Best Gyms for Travelers in USA 2023.

Now you can judge the best gym membership near me as a traveler after reading this article.

1. Planet Fitness

5 Best Gyms for Travelers in USA 2023
5 Best Gyms for Travelers in USA 2023

Planet Fitness is our personal favorite traveler’s gym membership. The pricing is unbeatable, especially if you go with a friend or partner. In the US, it also boasts the most gyms per capita (along with Anytime Fitness).


There are two membership levels offered by Planet Fitness: Planet Fitness Classic and Planet Fitness Black. I enjoy PF Black since it allows you to visit any PF location in the globe and lets you bring a guest each time (thus giving you two memberships for the price of one).

The PF Black membership costs $22.90 a month in addition to a $39 yearly subscription. But throughout the years, I’ve begun, terminated, and restarted my membership twelve times. I’ve discovered that if you play your cards well, they are extremely capable of waiving initial fees or reducing yearly expenses.

Holiday specials from Planet Fitness are frequently offered, allowing you to join permanently at a cheaper annual fee.

Or, if you go to a PF gym in person and let them know you’re just looking, they could attempt to get you to join that day by eliminating the startup cost.


In general, Planet Fitness features clean, well-kept facilities with lockers, free WiFi, showers, massage chairs, tanning booths, and hydromassage in addition to the standard cardio equipment and free weights. You may use the hydromassage, tanning booths, and massage chairs, but only if you have a Black Card membership. Also, purchase a lock for the lockers!

And I’ll be brutally honest: not all showers at Planet Fitness facilities are made equal. With adjoining changing rooms, rain-style showerheads, and enough space to almost walk about in the shower, some showers have a spa-like sensation of a spa. Others, though, occasionally have cold water, are blocked, or are so tiny you can hardly turn without bumping up against the shower wall.

My advice is to search for Planet Fitness facilities outside of major cities rather than in their downtown areas. Since they are situated in a less expensive region outside of the city and receive less traffic, these gyms can usually spend more on high-quality amenities.


Locations of Planet Fitness

In addition to the USA, Canada, Central America, and Australia, PF operates gyms worldwide. After launching a branch in Hawaii in 2018, Planet Fitness gyms are now accessible in all 50 states of the US! Every PF site is open all the time.

Check out all locations here.

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2. Anytime Fitness

Travelers who want global accessibility can choose an Anytime Fitness membership.

Startup Costs

Anytime fitness membership cost? The average monthly cost of an Anytime Fitness membership is $41. There is a 6, 8, or 12-month commitment requirement for Anytime Fitness, as well as a one-time setup cost of around $85 per individual.

You may, however, access any Anytime Fitness facility globally with a standard membership. That brings up Planet Fitness, where only Black Card members have access to all locations.


Anytime Fitness not only promises a shower at every location, but it also includes a private room! At the other gym companies, there are hardly any communal locker rooms or common shower facilities.

Apparently, the showers are kept up and clean. If you want to work out frequently, Anytime might not be the ideal option because some of the gym equipment might be a touch rough around the edges.

Anytime Fitness claims that each club has a different friend-bring policy for visitors. To confirm, they advise giving the club you want to attend a call.


Locations of Anytime Fitness in USA

In contrast to the other gyms on our list, which are largely located in the United States, Anytime Fitness boasts a genuinely worldwide network of facilities. This is wonderful news for everyone who plans to vacation overseas.

Check out all locations here.

3. Crunch Fitness

5 Best Gyms for Travelers in USA 2023
Best Gym for travelers

Crunch is the least expensive choice for a single traveler on our list. However, Planet Fitness will end up being less expensive for you if you travel in a group.

Startup Costs

Crunch Peak offers memberships that grant access to all of their sites for $21.90 per month + $15 per year. You gain access to all amenities for that price, including showers, weights, cardio equipment, group exercise courses, and internet programs.


The amenities at Crunch are simple yet tidy. Some facilities feature saunas and spas that you may use for free as part of your membership or for a cost.


Locations of Crunch Fitnees in USA

Crunch has 349 nationwide gyms. It does not have any other locations worldwide. The guest pass that comes with your membership is only good for your home location.  Check out all locations here.

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4. 24 Hour Fitness

Best Gym membership near me

The most well-known 24-hour gym chain is arguably 24-Hour Fitness. Even though it costs a little more than Anytime Fitness, this is still a great option for travelers.

Startup Costs

For $56.99 a month, you may get a National Entry pass that grants you access to any club in the US. There is a yearly charge of $49. However, the price decreases if you pay in advance for one or two years: a two-year membership works out to be roughly $39 per month.


The weightlifting equipment at 24 Hour Fitness is reputed to be superior to that at some of the other gyms on our list. Pools and saunas may be found in many places. Additionally, some places provide free daycare.


Locations of 24 Fitness in USA

Since 24-Hour Fitness locations tend to be concentrated in major cities, finding one when traveling through outlying communities may be difficult. They aren’t accessible in many states either, but in the cities where they are, they are abundant!

Check out all locations here.

5. Equinox

Best gym for business travelers

This is a bit out there, but Equinox is the place to go if you want to reward yourself and have the money to invest in a high-end membership at one of the world’s most exclusive gyms. It is the most costly gym out of our list of 5 Best Gyms for Travelers in USA 2022. One of the greatest gyms for tourists with money to spare is Equinox. It is the best gym for business travelers.

Startup Costs

This is a bit out there, but Equinox is the place to go if you want to reward yourself and have the money to invest in a high-end membership at one of the world’s most exclusive gyms. One of the greatest gyms for tourists with money to spare is Equinox.


Although an Equinox membership is the most costly in the world, you definitely get what you pay for. Everything at Equinox is top-notch, including the pools, the elite trainers leading the group fitness programs, and the luxury shampoo used in the showers.


Apart from the expense of membership, what limits your options for gyms is that they are nearly entirely on the east coast. All locations are in or close to the New York, Boston, or Washington, DC metropolitan regions, with the exception of those in Texas and California.

There are 300 sites overall spread around the US. Depending on the level of membership you choose, your access will vary.

Check out all locations here.

Concluding Words …

Do you like this article 5 Best Gyms for Travelers in USA 2023.  We think that now you have gotten aware of the best gym for travelers. There would be more gyms also available in these localities you can explore them.

The above gyms are selected by us of our choice but you can check the gym physically and join it. It’s all on you to select them of your need and locality. 

Please make sure that you choose the right one from these according to your need. If you like this article and want more stuff like this, keep sharing and following this blog. Do let us know which is your favorite one in the comments below.

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