How Spencer Bradley make him Jealous

How Spencer Bradley Makes Him Jealous and Wins His Heart

You’ve been dating Spencer for a while now, and everything seems to be going well. There is chemistry, the talk flows well, and you enjoy yourselves together, but there is one small issue. You genuinely like him, but you’re not sure if the attraction is mutual.

You fear he’s just playing you like a fool since he hasn’t mentioned those three small words yet. We have the ideal strategy to determine whether Spencer is truly interested in you, so don’t worry, girl.

It’s time to use a little jealousy to persuade him to tell the truth once and for all. Make it clear to him that you’re in high demand and keep an eye on his response.

By the conclusion of this, you’ll be able to tell if it’s true love or simply another passing romance. Continue reading to learn how Spencer Bradley makes him Jealous and wins his heart.

Who Is Spencer Bradley and Why Does She Want to Make Him Jealous?

So who is Spencer Bradley and why does he want to jealously enrage him? You had a kind but annoying ex-boyfriend named Spencer Bradley. Up until a few months ago, you two had been dating for nearly a year. You still feel a connection to Spencer despite ending things.

Nothing else could compare to the chemistry and connection you two had. So who is Spencer Bradley and why does he want to jealously enrage him? You had a kind but annoying ex-boyfriend named Spencer Bradley.

Up until a few months ago, you two had been dating for nearly a year. You still feel a connection to Spencer despite ending things. Nothing else could compare to the chemistry and connection you two had.

At a gathering with a common acquaintance, you make every effort to avoid running into Spencer. Of course, he immediately recognizes you. As he approaches, Spencer flashes you a seductive smile and starts chit-chatting with you like he used to.

You initially believe Spencer is sincerely trying to catch up, but it quickly becomes apparent that his true goal is to make you envious.

  • When discussing the new female he’s been dating, Spencer talks loudly and incessantly about their dates and intimate moments. Even worse, just in front of you, he has the arrogance to check his phone for her texts.
  • In an attempt to show you what you’re missing, he probes you about your romantic life. His arrogant expression says it all when you tell him you aren’t seeing anyone.
  • To evoke those warm, familiar sentiments, Spencer tries to touch your arm or brush up against you in subtle ways. His delicate touches remind you of the beautiful nights you spent together.

Although you still have feelings for Spencer, his cunning actions and jealousy strategies show that he hasn’t evolved. You understand that the best course of action is to ignore his games, wish him the best, and go.

You are aware that you deserve far better than someone who would use your feelings. Now that Spencer has had his shot, it is time to move on permanently.

How Spencer’s Plan to Make Him Jealous?

Spencer held a plan to make her ex, Mark, jealous and try to win him back.

The Setup

Spencer began by sharing pictures of herself having the most of her life on Instagram, including hanging out with friends, trying out new activities, and traveling.

She took particular care to pose adorably in each picture. Without making it look like she was doing it for Mark’s benefit, the idea was to show him what he was missing.

The Date

Spencer scheduled a meeting with James, Mark’s buddy, a man she knew Mark would feel threatened by, a few weeks into her social media campaign.

She “accidentally” posted a selfie with James and tagged their location so Mark would know about the date. As anticipated, Mark quickly texted Spencer to inquire about her date status. The goal was attained!

Staying Mysterious

Spencer stopped posting updates on social media for a while to keep Mark on his toes. Mark was left to wonder what she was doing and if she was dating anybody else.

Spencer’s strategy was to make Mark remember how much more fun they had together and how much better she was when they were together.

Wins Him Back

Mark showed up at Spencer’s door a month after the first separation, confessing that he had erred and that he wanted to be back together. Her strategy had been successful!

Spencer was able to reclaim the guy of her dreams and rekindle their relationship by inciting Mark’s enmity. She gave? Make your ex a bit jealous; you never know, it can result in a nice reunion!

Spencer’s Flirting, Social Media Posts, and Other Tactics

One of the finest methods to make Spencer jealous and win him back is to flirt with him and post flirtatious things on social media. Here are some pointers to get his interest:

Make Flirt with Other Guys

Watching you flirt with other guys makes males more envious than anything else. Talk to a cute man at the bar or on the dance floor when you’re out with your pals. Laugh at his jokes, make eye contact, smile, and lightly touch his arm. I promise Spencer will take notice.

Additionally, you may remark and like on other males’ social media postings. Just keep things light and informal; you want to enrage Spencer, not spark a romance!

Post Great Selfies and Outfit of The Day

Post selfies that show off your finest appearance, especially when you’re out with pals. Post OOTDs (outfit of the day) with adorable, feminine attire. Publicize your posts so Spencer may see them.

This demonstrates your confidence and dominance over him (even if you don’t!). To give the impression that you are socially active without him, like and comment on your girlfriends’ postings.

Be Mysterious in Your Posts

Don’t publish overtly envious messages that are intended to make Spencer jealous. Instead, purposefully leave him in the dark. Post, for instance, stuff like:

  • ladies’ night out Fun times with my favorite people.
  • “The ideal way to cap off a fantastic day.”
  • “I love life!”

Let him fill in the holes with his imagination. He will believe you were out fawning over other men and enquire as to who your “favorite” buddies were. He’ll be so envious and curious about what he’s missing out on because of the mystery.

Don’t Reach Him First

Despite your need to phone, text, or message Spencer, resist the urge. Wait for him to initiate contact with you. When he does message you, keep the conversation light, informal, and unassuming. Keep your wonderful new life without him a secret.

Make him struggle to contact you for information and arrange a meeting. This demonstrates that you are content on your own or with other people and are not just waiting around for him. The more you keep him at a distance, the more envious he will become and the more he will want to see you.

How Spencer’s Ex Reacted to Him and Did It Work?

So, did Spencer’s scheme to make his ex jealous succeed? It appears that it did, and it performed much better than he had anticipated.

His Ex Came Back

After viewing Spencer’s Instagram postings featuring the new girl, his ex started bombarding him with calls and texts pleading for them to reconcile.

Spencer never anticipated she would have such a strong reaction to his articles. He had been expecting maybe some likes or sad reactions.

He first ignored her texts in an effort to be nonchalant. But he realized he had truly hit a chord when she arrived at his door weeping.

His ex-girlfriend said she regretted it and wished for another opportunity. She claimed that she realized how much she missed him when she saw him with someone else.

Although Spencer was taken aback by her response, he also felt justified that his strategy had succeeded. He was no longer eager to rekindle their romance, though.

Too much harm had already been done before he realized that their goals were divergent.

Move On For Good

Spencer personally informed his ex that while he appreciated her visit, it was now too late. She needed to do the same since he had moved on.

Although difficult, the dialogue was necessary to eventually reach a resolution. Spencer experienced a range of feelings when she departed, including regret at the breakdown of their relationship as well as relief and optimism for the future.

He had received the assurance he needed from his experiment in making his ex envious that calling it quits was the appropriate move.

Despite being single once more, he felt powerful and free to meet someone new when the time was right—someone who shared his values and would treat him well.

For the time being, Spencer was pleased to put his attention on himself, his friends, and lead a life of his own choosing.

Does Making Someone Jealous Ever Work? Lessons Learned from it:-

Making someone jealous is never a good strategy in a relationship and frequently has negative effects. The following are some takeaways from the narrative of Spencer and Bradley:

It generates suspicion

Making your spouse jealous or engaging in such manipulative games damages the foundation of trust in your relationship.

Bradley is probably now considering what else Spencer may do to provoke an emotional response from him, even if it’s not genuine. It is difficult to regain lost trust.

It’s a symbol of insecurity

People who irritate their spouses often struggle with their own anxieties and concerns with self-worth. They act out to feel loved or desired rather than verbally expressing themselves.

Spencer would have benefited more from being honest with Bradley about her requirements and worries.

It often does more hurt than good

Bradley was distressed by Spencer’s scheme, which severely harmed their relationship. However, controlling your partner’s emotions is immoral and will probably end up harming you both in the long run. Jealousy may be unavoidable in tiny quantities and may even add excitement.

Role of Honesty and communication

Mutual trust, honesty, and communication are the foundations of the healthiest partnerships. Instead of planning to elicit a response, be honest about how you feel and what you need from your spouse.

When you understand the other person’s viewpoint, make a compromise. While envy produces disdain, this strategy fosters intimacy.

In the end, Spencer realizes that a relationship is probably not appropriate for him if he has to make the other person envious in order to feel comfortable.

The finest partners appreciate and accept you for who you are without using tricks or manipulation. You and Spencer both deserve that type of sincere, genuine love.

Bottom Line

Here it is, the complete account of how Spencer Bradley cleverly used the ex-winning narrative device of envy. Despite being deceptive, her strategies succeeded in making him aware of what he was lacking.

You don’t realize what you have until it’s gone, according to the proverb. She improved her own worth and desirability by prioritizing herself and her own development.

She also made sure that if he did return, it would be for the right reasons by being loyal to herself. She demonstrated that sometimes you have to lose love in order to find it again by showing patience and tenacity.

So borrow a leaf from Spencer’s strategy: The appropriate individual will take notice if you strive to be your best self and seize new possibilities. And if your ex returns on the prowl, make sure they deserve it before you open the door once again! You can do this.

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