Off-Page SEO

What is off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO is the actions taken outside of your website to impact your rankings within search engine results pages (SERPs).  Along with on-page SEO, off-page SEO includes several of the factors of basic SEO that help a site to rank.

Improving search engine and user impression of a site’s popularity, relevance, trustworthiness, and authority is a part of optimizing for off-site ranking criteria. This is achieved by other reputable online resources like pages, sites, individuals, etc. supporting your website or referring to it and therefore “vouching” for the value of your information.

Why does off-page SEO matter?

The widespread belief in the SEO community is that, despite the fact that search algorithms and ranking variables are continually changing, a page’s ability to rank is still greatly influenced by the relevancy, trustworthiness, and authority that successful off-page SEO grants a website.

Data from our study on Search Engine Ranking Criteria indicates that off-site SEO-related factors probably account for more than 50% of the ranking factor weight, even if we are unsure of the exact mechanism Google uses to rank content.

Off-page SEO services

Digital22ji offers off-page SEO services to its clients. Feel free to contact us for this service.