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Top 10 Best and Famous Gyms in USA

Do you know which gym is best in USA? Are You unfit and wanna be fit and looking for a Top, Best, and Famous Gym in USA? There have never been more options for the best gyms in USA.

We are going to share a list of the top and best 10 gyms in USA, which will help you to choose the right gym for you.

Nowadays, Fitness should be the top priority in our lifestyle. Without health, nothing is worth it. This is the harsh truth but it’s very true.

So, I came up with the few best and most popular gyms in America. Are you curious about the major players? We created a list based on many criteria.

This list includes certain destinations because of their size and usefulness, while other locations are included because of their atmosphere or innovative services.

We tried to paint a complete image of the whole exercise experience. Let’s deep dive into the 10 Best Gyms in USA.

Top 10 famous gyms in USA
Top 10 famous gyms in USA

Here is the list of the Top 10 Best, Popular and Famous Gyms in USA

1. Equinox Gym

Equinox is one of the best gyms in USA. Equinox stands apart from the competition in my list of Top 10 Best and Famous Gyms in USA with its benefits, complete service, and meticulously clean accommodations.

Due to its clubs on the East and West coasts, as well as in Chicago and Dallas, and its gym membership offers, Equinox enjoys a sizable market share with its gym franchises.

Which gym is best in USA
Equinox Gym in New York City

Although there are fewer outlets than a 24-hour fitness center, each club is a special find. It’s not Fitness is the slogan used. Its Life encapsulates the extensive programming that Equinox provides.

Joining the Conscious Movement entitles participants to workshops and programs that provide cutting-edge themes including mental engagement, music, breath work, movement quality, community, and respect for life and that is founded on science.

Furthermore, there is cutting-edge equipment. So Equinox is first on the list of top gyms in USA.

2. Lifetime Fitness

Lifetime Fitness is also one of the top and best gyms in USA. This Minnesota-based business has experienced rapid growth in recent years. Lifetime has continued to maintain a futuristic gym and welcoming facilities while growing its clubs across the nation, which continues to attract new members.

Lifetime’s attractive Lifecafes serve wholesome and delectable food options, as well as inventive smoothies and protein drinks, with the goal of creating a day spa experience. The entire spectrum of facilities is available in the on-site spas.

Lifetime distinguishes itself from the competition by offering indoor tennis courts at a number of its clubs, which is great for cities with chilly climates. You can add this gym to your list of the best gyms near me.

3. 24-Hour Fitness

Do you know which gym has the most locations in the US? and, the answer is 24-Hour Fitness. So, we can consider it one of the most popular gyms in USA. We must offer a shout-out to the largest of them all, 24-Hour Fitness. The biggest privately owned the best gym chain is 24 Hour Fitness.

Which gym is best in US
24 Hour Fitness Gym in Dallas (USA)

There are 400 or more of these clubs (as well as California Fitness clubs throughout Asia) spread over 17 states. Facilities given by this fitness club include this gym chain to the best health clubs in America.

The first company on the market to provide 24/7 access, 24 Hour provides a wide variety of fitness courses and a selection of clubs with anything from high-end amenities to simple services. It is the main member of the list of Top 10 Famous and Popular Gyms in USA.

4. Curves Gym

The well-known fitness centers for women exclusively are capitalizing on the rise of baby boomers who are discovering the importance of fitness in leading a healthy life.

This gym is also one of the most popular gyms in USA. By attracting new exercisers and offering a welcoming environment for women who may not otherwise join a gym, Curves has increased its success.

The combination of 30-minute strength and cardio training with a wealth of informational and inspirational tools is the perfect foundation for this no-frills franchise.

It is the best ladies’ gym in this class. Curves Gym deserves to stay on the list of best gyms in USA.

5. The Sports Club/LA

The Sports Club/LA is one of the top gyms in USA. Despite only having locations in Southern and Northern California, New York, Boston, Washington, D.C., and Miami.

The Sports Club/LA is an outstanding illustration of how glamour can increase the attractiveness of working out.

You may find yourself sweating next to the sexiest (and fittest) celebrities almost at any moment, and if you need motivation, the general membership population resembles a congregation of Central Casting’s most attractive people.

The Sports Club has a cool Los Angeles atmosphere. Check it out if you’ve never gone; you might decide to relocate for it.

It is said to be the finest manifestation of grimness ever created by New York Magazine. If you are searching for the best gym in Los Angeles you can consider, the best gyms near me.

best gyms in USA

6. Crunch Gym

Are you interested in doing anti-gravity yoga? You need to look no further than Crunch. Crunch is one of the best yoga gyms in USA.

The top gym in USA in terms of pushing the limits of exercise programs is our number 6 candidate. Think about these options: Even the pickiest exercise fanatics can find numerous alternatives, including surfing and skiing vacations, pole dancing, park yoga, and cookery workshops.

The 31 cutting-edge gyms are always looking for new methods to combine training and entertainment. The franchises encourage innovation where they are located, despite not being present in the majority of states.

Their most recent addition is a noon reviving class with a naptime. It is a unique member of the Top and best 10 Famous Gyms in USA.

7. Gold’s Gym

There are 220 Gold’s Gym locations in the United States as of August 30, 2023. The state with the most number of Gold’s Gym locations in the US is Texas, with 60 locations, which is about 26% of all Gold’s Gym locations in the US.

We already know that Gold Gym is one of the top 10 best gyms in the USA and the world. Gold’s encourages a personal training culture that helps members achieve their health goals, whether they are getting ready for a marathon, getting back in shape after having a baby, or learning how to control diabetes.

Most recently, Gold teamed up with AARP to provide programs, especially for elderly citizens. Gold’s Gym is the largest mixed-gender fitness center in the world, with 600 locations. I have added Gold’s Gym to my list of top gyms in USA because it deserves it.

8. YMCA Gym

Although they are not very luxurious, YMCAs are present in almost every municipality in the country (10,000 nationwide).

Members may enjoy programming that goes outside the gym and into the community while becoming active at a reasonable cost.

We can consider it the best cheap gym. This chain of gyms has the best nationwide gym membership in the US.

most popular gyms in America
Most popular gyms in America

The fact that these clubs have been around for more than 160 years and are extremely family-friendly cannot be overlooked. You can consider it the best and cheapest gym near me in USA.

9. Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is the biggest gym chain in USA. There are millions of people across the nation who have joined Plante Fitness because of its low membership cost and excellent environment. 

Planet Fitness came into existence in 1992 with the aim to provide the very best environment and service to customers.

Planet Fitness was established by Michael and Marc Grondahl. These two brothers founded the first Planet Fitness gym in Dover, New Hampshire in 1992.

People of all fitness levels can join Planet Fitness which shows its welcoming environment. Planet Fitness membership cost is the key factor that makes it the top gym chain in the US.

Planet Fitness offers a range of membership packages from basic costs of $10 per month to Black Card membership of #22.99 per month.

The Black Card membership of Planet Fitness offers extra facilities which include massage chairs, tanning, and visitor privileges, however, basic membership provides gym amenities and unlimited physical training.

Planet Fitness is one of the most economical and cheap gym chains in USA. It has more than 2400 gym locations worldwide.

10. Anytime Fitness

If you are looking for the best strength training gyms near me Anytime Fitness is a good choice. You won’t find any unique programs here, but you will receive 24/7 accessibility and reasonable prices.

For those with hectic schedules who don’t need all the extra bells and whistles, this is an ideal gym. Anytime Fitness is also a prominent part of our list of Top 10 Famous Gyms in USA.

top gym in USA
Anywhere Access Policy makes Anytime Fitness too successful

You can easily find the Anytime Fitness gyms through any search engine to write only Anytime Fitness gyms near me in it.

Our list demonstrates the variety of options available in both standard and upscale health clubs. The adoption of health club management software, which makes it simpler than ever for members to interact and enjoy the workout experience, unites all of them despite their considerable variances. It is the last member of our list of the Top 10 best gyms in USA.


I have presented a list of the best gyms in USA. Although, there are other gyms also available in these localities, but failed to become a member of this list of top and best gyms in USA.

The above gyms are selected by us based on the features, however, you make sure to check the gym physically and then join it.

It’s all on you to select a gym that meets your requirements and fitness goals. You can also share a list of your top 10 list of best, famous, popular Gyms in USA with us in the comments below.

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