Somme Ray

Somme Ray

Sommer Ray Biography, Career, Age, Height, Personal Life

Do you know who is sommer ray? She was born in the United States on September 15, 1996. Sommer Ray is a well-known fitness model and YouTuber. She has a huge online following and has won several bodybuilding and fitness competitions. With more than 26 million Instagram followers, she is well-known. Instagram users enjoy watching Ray’s videos about fitness and wellness. She also has a YouTube account with a similar name where she posts videos of her daily life for her followers to watch.

At the age of 15, Sommer’s family moved to Lone Tree, Colorado, and that is when she began her fitness journey. Her father served as a guide to her in all facets of fitness, bodybuilding, and training. She began by exercising at the gym she had set up in her basement. She was able to get the physique she required for bikini sports in just one year. She quickly took home two medals in the “Bikini Class D” and “Bikini Teen” classes at the 2015 “NPC Colorado State Championship.” In the same year, she finished 16th in the “NPC USA Championship.”

Sommer began her online career the following year by posting images and videos to the social media site Instagram. Due to her excellent photos, Sommer soon rose to prominence online. Sommer published a “twerk” video to mark having 15 million “Instagram” followers. But she had started building her online reputation much earlier, in 2013, when she uploaded a few funny videos on “Vine.”

Sports Illustrated selected Sommer as the “Beautiful Woman of the Day” in 2016. After that, Sommer decided to take a different path and become a bikini model. Her eating and workout routines were completely altered. The advice given to Sommer was to consume more fruits, leafy greens, and lean proteins. She had to cut back on her calorie intake as well. Throughout her workouts, she paid more attention to her lower body.

Sommer Ray Biography

After committing to demanding workout routines and low-carb diets for several months, Sommer finally had the body she wanted for a bikini. She was sought after to be the face of several swimwear companies’ advertising campaigns. As a bikini model, Sommer was hired by “Myokore,” a manufacturer of bungee attachments. Moreover, Sommer runs a YouTube channel with training and fitness-related videos. She also posts other humorous content, such as challenges, pranks, and music videos. Her most popular videos on the platform include Touch My Body Challenge with Alissa Violet, Touch My Body Challenge with Sommer Ray, Life of Sommer Ray, God Church Music Video | BEHIND THE SCENES, Getting ready with the Sommer Ray!, and Q&A with Sommer Ray. furthermore “PICKING UP MY NEW,”

The channel has more than a million subscribers. Moreover, Sommer is a part of the “Clout Gang,” a popular gang of “YouTubers.” Her participation in “Wild ‘N Out,” an MTV sketch comedy program, was another. Also, Sommer sells a clothing line through her web store.


As a bikini athlete, Sommer has gained recognition online. She has, however, run into a lot of problems as a result of her stunning photos being extensively shared online. It is Sommer’s responsibility to submit these pictures in order to attract attention. According to her critics, she could easily generate money by posting images of herself wearing skimpy attire online. In response to such hate speech, Sommer stated in one of her videos that she had no regrets about what she had done and that she was the one who was in charge of paying off her debts.

Personal Life

Sommer Ray was born in Larkspur of Colorado state in the United States on September 15, 1996. Her mother, Shannon Ray, and her father both competed in bodybuilding events. Shannon has previous experience as a beauty blogger and an Instagram model. Because her father was adopted and her mother is of Czechoslovak descent, Sommer has mixed ancestry. Sommer’s younger sister Skylyn and her elder sister Savana are well-known on social media. The name of their other sibling is Bronson. Sommer spent most of her childhood traveling a lot because of her parents’ employment. Yet, the Ray family finally made Lone Tree, Colorado, their home.

Sommer Ray Personal life

Sommer maintains a high rep range throughout her exercises, performing 12 to 15 repetitions for each session, to keep her lower body in condition. She squats to build bodily strength because she doesn’t seem to have as much of it as the majority of other female fitness idols across the world have. Sommer has a great metabolism, but she dislikes doing cardio.

how old is sommer ray26 years
Sommer Ray Date of BirthSeptember 15, 1996
Sommer Ray NationalityUnited States
Sommer Ray StateColorado
how tall is sommer ray 5’6″ (168 cm)
sommer ray instagram

The argument flared up once more when Soloin, Sommer’s “YouTube” video editor, created a video complaining that she had not paid him. The problem has eventually been fixed.

Sommer allegedly had a relationship with “YouTuber” Bryan Le, commonly known as “RiceGum.” They were subsequently accused of making up the link to boost viewership for “Clout Gang” and their channel. Also, Sommer dated Max Ehrich, a model, and former “The Young and the Restless” cast member. The romance began in August 2017. The rumor emerged as soon as they began appearing in public together. At the Universal Studios Hollywood premiere of “Happy Death Day,” they were spotted together. Sommer had made a connection with Max through their shared acquaintance, the actress Bella Thorne. Sommer and Eduardo Isaiah Chacon are now dating.

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