9 office workouts for the lunch break

9 office workouts for the lunch break

Do you have a daily busy schedule and have no time for workouts? We are going to solve this problem of yours. We are sharing 9 office workouts for the lunch break that will help you to stay fit while having no time. If you haven’t time for workouts in your daily life you can try the following office workout routine to utilize your lunchtime to stay fit and healthy.

A whole day’s sitting in the office can be dangerous for your health as well as your vital organs. You may experience worse things in the future related to your health because your daily lazy routine will lead you towards life-threatening diseases.  

You can do these 10 minute office workouts easily in your office room without any equipment, which will save your precious time and help you to stay fit and fine while your daily busy routine. Let us start our journey to learn simple exercises to do at work. You can perform this exercise at your desk.

9 office workouts for the lunch break

1) Calf Raises

9 office workouts for the lunch break
9 office workouts for the lunch break

Calf raises, as the name suggests, strengthens your calves and increase your legs’ muscle endurance. Regular calf raises help you run, jump, and stroll for longer lengths of time. Your calves are one of the muscles that suffer from prolonged periods of inactivity when working an office job because you are often seated for a long period of time.

How to do calf raises:

Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and stand up straight. Put your heels up and balance yourself by standing on your toes.

To finish a rep, reposition your heels. If you do this exercise on the edge of a stair or another object strong enough to support your weight, such as an exercise box, you’ll gain a wider range of motion.

By exercising one leg at a time while the other is raised off the ground, you may make the workout more difficult. 30 repetitions is the desired number.

2) Lunges

The larger muscles in your legs, such as your quadriceps and hamstrings, are the focus of lunges.

How to do Lunges:

Place your feet together and stand straight up. One foot should be moved forward and placed directly in front of the back foot.

Maintaining a lunge while maintaining your feet parallel to the ground. Taking the opposing foot, advance from the starting position.

To finish one rep, repeat the procedure. About 30 repetitions are your goal.

3) Triceps Dips 

 office workout routine
office workout routine

    One of the best workouts for your triceps muscles is the triceps dip. Your body weight is more than adequate to give your triceps a solid workout because they aren’t as large as other muscles like your pectorals or quads.

    How to do Triceps Dips:

    Face away from a chair, desk, table, or similar object when standing. Put your hands on the edge of the surface with your palms facing backward.

    To have your arms bear the majority of your body weight, step your feet forward in front of you.

    To get closer to the ground, bend your elbows, then straighten them to get back to your starting position. Aim for 20 repetitions.

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    4) Wall Sits

      Simple wall sits are a good exercise to work your leg muscles. There isn’t much to this exercise; all you have to do is stand a foot or so from a wall while facing the other direction. When you’re ready to sit down on a chair, you stoop down and lean your back against a wall.

      To finish a rep, hold the posture for 60 seconds. Divide it into smaller portions if you are unable to wall sit for 60 seconds.

      5) Shadowboxing

      The majority of the body’s muscles can be worked effectively with shadowboxing. Straight punches engage several upper body muscles, however, throwing uppercuts helps your biceps grow. To get the most out of your workout when shadowboxing, be sure to employ good form.

      Consider obtaining some martial arts instruction if you don’t know how to throw appropriate boxing techniques with perfect form. When shadowboxing, launch at least 50 punches with each hand.

      6) Seated Leg Lifts

      10 minute office workout
      10 minute office workout

      Another easy workout that targets the muscles in your legs is seated leg raises. This may include this exercise in your office workout routine easily.

      How to do Seated Leg Lifts:

      Sit on the edge of a chair to get in position. Keep your front foot level on the ground with both of them. When one foot is parallel to the floor, lift the other foot off the ground as well.

      When elevating the leg, be sure to keep it straight the entire time. Repeat the exercise with your other leg, lowering it back to where it was when you first started. Do roughly 50 repetitions.

        7) Standing Crunches

        Crunches performed while standing might assist to tone your core and abdominal muscles. The majority of your limb movements are controlled by your core, therefore maintaining core strength increases mobility and your capacity for athletic movements.

        How to do Standing Crunches:

        Set yourself up by standing straight up with your feet about hip-width apart and placing your hands behind your head. As you bring the knee as high as you can, lift one leg off the floor.

        Bend your body to the opposite side and connect the lifted knee with your elbow while keeping your hands steady behind your head. To complete a rep, perform the exercise again with the other leg. Do roughly 40 repetitions.

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          8) Wall Pushups

          You won’t have to worry about getting perspiration all over your work clothes since wall pushups are a less rigorous kind of pushups. It strengthens your arms, shoulders, and chest.

          How to do Wall Pushups:

          Put your hands flat on the wall as you stand straight up in the beginning posture. Leaning against the wall, take a few steps back until your arms are fully extended.

          To get back to the starting position, extend your arms and bend your elbows to bring your torso closer to the wall.

          While executing your repetitions, maintain a straight back and legs. Aim for 20 repetitions or such.

            9) Chair Squats

            office workout routine
            office workout routine

            A compound strength exercise that works a variety of lower body muscles is the chair squat. A chair squat is ideal for you if you are finding exercise at your desk.

            How to do Chair Squats:

            Face aside from your chair and take a position just in front of it. You should stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your toes pointed forward.

            Maintain a straight spine and elevate your chest and head. As you flex your knees and bring your hips back and down, engage your core.

            As you lower yourself, you can raise your arms in front to improve your balance. Don’t sit down; only smack the chair lightly with your butt.

            Returning to the beginning posture, thrust your hips forward and up by contracting your glutes and hamstrings. Try three sets of 10 repetitions.

            You can do these above 9 office workouts for the lunch break for your wellness. If you already have an office workout routine you may include some of these simple exercises to do at work. We recommend that give some time from your busy schedule to your health and make a 10 minute office workout routine.

            Concluding Words …

            Do you like this article 9 office workouts for the lunch break? We hope this article will help you to increase your knowledge about simple exercises to do at work. You can include some exercises from these exercises in your 10 minute office workout. If you are an office worker you can easily do these exercises at your desk.

            Please make sure that you perform these exercises according to your body strength. If you like this article and want more stuff like this, keep sharing and following this blog. Do let us know which is your favorite one in the comments below.

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