Best gyms in Canada

Best gyms in Canada

8 Best Gyms and Fitness Centers in Canada

Do you want to be fit and know about the top gyms and health clubs in Canada? We’ll provide you with a list of the 8 Best Gyms and Fitness Centers in Canada of different localities. We hope this article will help you to choose the best membership gym in Canada.

Are you an expert in fitness or a sports fan in Canada? You could weigh your selections better if you knew which gym is the greatest in Canada. It might be challenging to pick the fitness facility that best meets your needs because Canada has so many of them.

However, in order to achieve your fitness objectives, you must be aware of the top gyms in Canada. This will allow you to calculate the average gym membership fee after taking into account each facility’s features, schedule, location, and business hours.

This list of the top gyms in Canada should provide you with more information about some of the most well-liked fitness facilities in the nation. Let us start to know the top 8 gyms in Canada.

8 Best Gyms and Fitness Centers in Canada

1. Life Time Fitness

The top gym amenities in Canada are found at the expensive gym Life Time Fitness. If you’re on a tight budget, Life Time Fitness is a little more expensive than the typical cost of a gym membership. The cost of basic membership at one health club is about $70 per month.

Life Time Fitness costs up to $140 a month for admission to all three of its gyms, which are located in Ajax, Vaughan, and Mississauga. Depending on the number of tickets, it also offers day passes with prices ranging from $35 to $200. So, if you don’t mind the cost, this club boasts some of the top fitness centers around.

Even though this gym doesn’t offer access 24 hours a day, you can visit within the designated hours of 4 am to 12 am. Life Time Fitness offers a variety of training tools, including weightlifting and aerobic machines in all shapes and sizes. This Canadian gym also hosts a variety of programs, such as yoga, cycling, boot camps, and other training.

In terms of features, this fitness center offers a great pool, so if swimming is your thing, you would appreciate it. Similar to this, there is child care, and the facility hosts exercise courses for kids. All of this gym’s training facilities around the nation have a pool as well as a spa named LifeSpa.

2. Planet Fitness

8 Best Gyms and Fitness Centers in Canada
8 Best Gyms and Fitness Centers in Canada

Consider joining Planet Fitness if you have a limited budget or want a reasonably priced gym with good amenities. This club has a low average gym membership cost in Canada since they only charge $15 per month plus a $39 initiation fee. The black card, which costs $24 and gives you entry to any health club facility nationwide, is an option.

The gym includes some respectable sets of cardio and resistance machines when you take the cost into account. When you join this gym, you get access to the facility around the clock. However, depending on the franchise owner, some Planet Fitness facilities close on Sundays and holidays earlier than others.

This fitness facility has over 30 sites across Canada, so there’s one near you no matter where you live. Try this gym if your exercise regimen doesn’t include a lot of weights. Despite being more affordable than other gyms, Planet Fitness has a large selection of cardio machines; but, due to the few sets of weightlifting machines, this facility is not appropriate for serious bodybuilding.

There are several pieces of gym equipment as well as various extras like a bar, internet access, and member-only exercise courses.

3. Anytime Fitness

With over 200 clubs in Canada alone, Anytime Fitness has nearly 2,000 locations across North America. One of the most reasonably priced gyms in the world, basic admission to the facility is only $49 for a membership. The $49 starting charge for this mid-range gym may change depending on the location.

Anytime takes itself in being a 24-hour, seven-days-per-week gym, so if you enjoy late-night exercises, it’s a wonderful option. This gym features a good selection of equipment, particularly for cardio exercises like treadmills and stationary bikes.

Although Anytime Fitness only has a small selection of weightlifting apparatus, you can still find kettlebells, battle ropes, and other comparable equipment there.

This gym offers free exercise courses, although some of them may cost money depending on where the facility is located. Anytime Fitness offers daily yoga, Zumba, and pilates classes, much like many other gyms.

In terms of amenities, none of the gym’s locations in Canada feature a pool or spa. Similarly to this, the majority of Anytime Fitness facilities lack childcare or nurseries.

4. Equinox

top gyms and health clubs in Canada
top gyms and health clubs in Canada

One of the priciest gyms in the nation is Equinox, with locations in Toronto and Vancouver. This gym is a high-end workout facility with monthly fees of roughly $200 for basic admission and a $300 enrollment fee.

All exercise enthusiasts will adore this gym’s cutting-edge amenities and design. You may wind up spending close to $300 per month for basic access if you want to have access to more places than the one you first signed up for. Similar to this, other places demand greater signup fees, which may range from $400 to $500.

Equinox boasts one of the greatest equipment collections in Canada, however, regrettably, members cannot visit the facility whenever they want. Simple gym equipment may be found alongside some of the most cutting-edge pieces of training equipment.

Along with many other things, you will receive your cardio, resistance, and kettlebell machines. The abundance of fitness courses available to members at Equinox is another benefit of joining. Members are instructed in various exercises, including pilates, yoga, and precision running.

The gym amenities at Equinox, which include saunas, pools, steam rooms, and even spas, are among the greatest in the world. It’s advisable to check the local directory for facilities as some Equinox franchisees don’t have pools. If you are bringing children, there is a childcare facility as well, although there is an additional fee.

5. GoodLife Fitness

Over 200 sites of this mid-range gym exist across Canada. For basic access, GoodLife charges about $60 each month, plus $100 for enrollment. This gym dominates a sizable portion of the Canadian market despite not being the cheapest option available. If you want access to additional locations, the fitness club will charge you more.

The majority of its chains provide members with access around-the-clock, so verify your favorite location’s schedule in local guides. This gym provides a respectable selection and a number of equipment.

You’ll witness some of the most cutting-edge cardio, resistance, and weightlifting equipment available. If strength training is your thing, GoodLife provides a wide selection to support your fitness objectives.

Numerous complimentary courses, including yoga, cardio, Zumba, and others, are offered to members of this fitness club. If you enjoy swimming pools, GoodLife features clean pools and spas that are excellent for relaxing after strenuous exercise. When you bring your kids to the gym, the majority of GoodLife gyms provide childcare services.

6. Fit4Less

Best membership gym in Canada
Best membership gym in Canada

One of Canada’s least expensive gyms, Fit4Less, charges $5 every two weeks for basic admission. Additionally to your registered location, there is no way to access other Fit4Less sites around the nation.

This gym provides a service that is reasonably priced if you want to keep in shape but is on a tight budget. In addition to the monthly price, new members must also pay an initiation fee of $44. Find the Fit4Less store nearest to you from the more than 20 that are located around Canada.

It’s impressive that members may use this gym whenever they want. Fit4Less franchisees often have very large and spacious facilities with a good selection of equipment. The most common exercise machines are cardio and strength machines.

You can get strength equipment like dumbbells, barbells, and many more, but it is still less expensive than the typical gym membership fee. If you enjoy group exercise sessions, Fit4Less is not the greatest choice because it only offers a small selection of classes to subscribers. Additionally, this gym does not provide daycare or pools.

7. Snap Fitness

Due to its $49.95 initiation cost and $40 monthly basic access fee, this fitness club in Canada is considered to be in the middle of the pack. Snap Fitness is well-known throughout North America and has more than 2,000 gyms in various cities. For registered members, it is open around the clock, every day of the week.

Despite the fact that each Snap Fitness facility has a distinct type of equipment, most of them feature cardio machines like treadmills, stationary bikes, recumbent bikes, and the like. While some chains offer a tonne of strength equipment, others might not, so it’s wise to check with Snap Fitness there.

There aren’t any saunas or swimming pools as you’d find at most mid-range gyms in terms of amenities. Similarly to this, the majority of franchisees lack childcare, however, this varies per owner. So, you should think about signing up for Snap Fitness if you require a reasonably-cost fitness club with some of the greatest sorts of equipment.

8. LA Fitness

top 8 gyms in Canada
top 8 gyms in Canada

Canada has gym franchises owned by the American corporation LA Fitness. You may attend the gym for $25–$40 per month. In this fitness center, there are no different admission levels, thus everyone pays the same price. The $49 enrollment charge is a lot less expensive than typical gym membership fees. op

So LA Fitness is another option to think about if you’re looking for a decently constructed, fairly priced gym. The gym is accessible starting at about 5 am and concludes at 11 pm, however, regrettably, it is not open 24 hours a day.

LA Fitness often has a large selection of exercise machines, including cardio, resistance, and cable machines, in addition to a huge selection of other exercise equipment. You can opt to work out outdoors in the center thanks to the spacious fronts and vast area, especially while doing yoga.

The majority of franchisees provide members with free courses, and these sessions frequently include yoga, Zumba, aquafit, and other activities. If you enjoy taking exercise courses, you will adore this club because instructors give these sessions every day.

Spas and pools are available at LA Fitness for leisure activities. You may use the pool at this fitness club without any restrictions, but you must pay an additional price to use the spa. If childcare is a concern for you, your kids can use the gym’s cheap childcare facilities.


 We have presented a list of the top 8 gyms in Canada although, there would be more gyms also available in these localities you can explore them. The above gyms are selected by us of our choice but you can check the gym physically and join it.

It’s all on you to select them of your need and locality. Your top 8 gyms in Canada list may differ from ours. You can share your top 10 list with us. You can also share a list of your top 8 list of top gyms in Canada in the comments.

If you like our article and want more stuff like this, keep sharing and following this blog. Do let us know which is your favorite one in the comments below.

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